Guy Vandenbranden

Guy Vandenbranden's Final Years.

This exhibition brings together later works by Guy Vandenbranden. Paintings, sculptures and works on paper made in the 90s and 2000s are shown.

Vandenbranden was part of several art movements: Art Abstrait [Abstract Art] in 1956, Formes [Forms] in 1960 and Art Construit [Constructive Art] in 1960. In 1960 he settled permanently in Antwerp, where he had lifelong artistic friendships with Jef Verheyen, Vic Gentils and Walter Leblanc. He increasingly exhibited abroad (Switzerland, Italy, Germany and The Netherlands), where he befriended artists from the ZERO group, such as Lucio Fontana, François Morellet, Günther Uecker and Yves Klein.

Artists: Guy Vandenbranden