Oona Bovri

Hello, Oona Bovri

How the story of a childhood was over-romanticized growing up. How other things have left dark marks.
A caricature of one's own life. An ode to the story. How with age the line between fiction and non-fiction becomes thinner. What is truth? And what became an interpretation of what actually happened? Oona Bovri plays with the memory, returns to the child. The child that still lives in every adult. This as a whole forms a surrealistic biography of herself, based on memories from her own life.

Oona Bovri, likes to tell stories through her photographs. She brings her characters to life by approaching them in the
most analog way possible. When not working in analog, she uses materials such as lace, silk, paper, which she stretches in front of her lens to create a certain natural texture. Her signature is recognizable at first glance: spare, deliberate and yet revealing.

Curated by Bob Verhelst

Artists: Oona Bovri