Students Fine Arts

Hope, but with moderation

30.11.22: 17-22h. & 03.12.22: 17-21h.

'Hope, but with moderation' is an exhibition organized by the Fine Art students of Sint Lucas Antwerpen. Within their 'project atelier' they work towards an image in relation to space and environment. Think of an expo with ladders that lead to nowhere, solar panels that convert light into sound and a wishing well.

Participating students:

Luna Lucas
Roel Segers
Chadija El Haji
Anna Vanbommel
Moira Murru
Hanne De Weyer
Carlota Arren
Marjolein Callewaert
Sophie Ebogo Ebogo
Paris Exterior
Anna Vercammen
Basile Crabeels
Anouk Van Loon
Emma De Bie
Hannah van Houcke
Eva Guetens
Ravin de Proost
Max Trouvé
Almina Sarim
Nand Van Looveren
Janne Verbinnen
Ethan Knops
Helena Severens
Elena Decat
Ines Vaessens

Coaching teachers:

Tom Volkaert
Jonathan Paepens.

Location: Showroom Sint Lucas Antwerpen

Artists: Students Fine Arts

Also happening at Hope, but with moderation