József Csató

Crickets in the carpet

PLUS-ONE Gallery proudly present the solo exhibition of József Csató at the gallery (South).
The chirping sound of crickets scraping the edges on their wings is often a trigger for memories of untouched nature and relaxing getaways, echoing the ambiance of calmness, peace, and the lightness of being. Yet, seeing one of these robust insects in a home surrounding is likely to induce a feeling of annoyance, unease, or even disgust, completely disregarding their original merit. And this particular paradox, the double standard we’ve developed towards nature and its specimens, is at the core of József Csató’s oeuvre. Thinking of our self-defeating mindset and actions, the heavily abstracted still lives which comprise his debut solo show at PLUS-ONE Gallery in Antwerpen, Belgium, are exploring this unhealthy status-quo.

Artists: József Csató

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