22.04.2021–05.06.2021 STILL ZEIT

Félix Hannaert, Wouter Hoste

In STILL, Félix Hannaert’s meticulously layered meditative paintings form the perfect backdrop for Wouter Hoste’s otherworldly ceramic sculptures and objects, reminiscent of relics from a future civilisation.

ZEIT presents them alongside a monumental oil on canvas by Jef Van Tuerenhout, dating from 1955, and a selection of darkly powerful paintings, etchings and drawings by Walter Leblanc, Luc Peire, Cel Overberghe, Hans Hartung, Mark Verstockt and Jules Lismonde.


Preview: 22, 23 & 24 April, 2 pm - 7 pm, on appointment only.
Book your timeslot by contacting the gallery via the website.