25.06.2021–17.07.2021 SPLASH! ZEIT

Babette Cooijmans, Johannes Elebaut, Hantraxdolls, Fiona Koene, Johan Van Oeckel, Axelle Vertommen

To celebrate summer, ZEIT invited a handful of young talents to submit a series of works of their own choice. Babette Cooijmans uses lithography and screen-printing techniques as tools for drawing to produce mesmerizing monoprints, whilst Johannes Elebaut presents intriguing zooms taken from his carefully constructed collages. Fascinated by shadow play and daylight, Utrecht-based Fiona Koene treats us to a series of blind embossed works on fine art paper. In Johan van Oeckel’s oeuvre, it’s all about pure form and colour. To complement the pieces from these essentially abstract artists, we invited Hantraxdolls, whose thought-provoking creations add a playful note, as well as designer Axelle Vertommen with her new range of Brion lamps, to make the brightest time of year even brighter.


The opening of SPLASH! coincides with the next edition of Borger.
On Friday 25 June the gallery is open from 2 to 9 pm, and hopefully this time around we'll be allowed to offer you a drink or two.