15.11.2017 I like to confuse them when they don't understand Cinema Zuid

Luisa Ungar, Luis Ospina, Carlos Mayolo, Oscar Ruiz Navia, Simon Mesa Soto

During a residency at AIR Antwerpen visual artist Luisa Ungar put together a Columbian short film program, which will be screened on Wednesday 15 November at Cinema Zuid. Luisa Ungar departs from the iconic production Vampires of Poverty, made by Luis Ospina and Carlos Mayolo in 1977, in Cali, Colombia. This mockumentary parodies the role of film in social and political life questioning the means and motivations of so-called 'political' filmmakers. Luisa Ungar connects this legendary short film with two other, more recent, Colombian short films each offering a particular perspective on the role of documentary films when it comes to draw the line between reality and fiction, misery and spectacle.