Jef Meyer

I wouldn't bet on it

Jef Meyer’s choice of materials is a bold one. The vast majority of the works he has been creating for almost ten years now are made using a composite material composed of fine and coarse aggregate bonded together with a fluid cement that hardens over time: concrete. Over the years, he has been experimenting with dozens of different mixtures and techniques, leading to a boundless array of spectacular results. From smooth and silky to rugged and rough, and from mat to shiny and every gradation in between, every piece is stunningly unique. Brilliance and rawness complement each other. By adding various pigments and playing with drying periods and temperatures, the resulting texture is always different. And very important: the beauty is in the imperfections.

In his new series Jef explores fresh shapes and forms, adding gaps and openings, some highlighted by an internal wooden frame. Sometimes the work resists to be caged and discards the frame altogether.

The next part of the journey is yours. Approach the works from different angles and see how the light hits the surfaces, bringing the pieces to life. Clouds, seascapes, the universe… Jef Meyer’s work evokes it all. Did he reach the limits of his imagination this time? We wouldn’t bet on it.

Shown together with works by Jo Delahaut, Jean Dubois, Félix Hannaert, Walter Leblanc, Luc Peire, Lothar Quinte, Mark Verstockt & John Zoller

Artists: Jef Meyer

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