Viktor Brim

IN SITU | Viktor Brim. Beyond the Depths

Viktor Brim is an artist who portrays the relationship between power and the exploitation of the natural landscape. Working typically in film and video, his highly immersive installations of luminous imagery explore sites of extraction, both historical and contemporary.

Geological time is a central notion, with which Brim considers the lives of minerals and matter over imperceptibly long lengths of time, stretching from far back in the past, until their brutal encounter with humanity, and then extending more speculatively into the future. Stillness in his films simultaneously represents a wound and latent energy. Drawing our attention to the life of minerals – from the ‘precious’ to pollutant, and that are the lifeblood of modern societies and economies – his film works are also philosophical meditations at their core. Natural resources are viewed at once as being on the one hand exploited in the service of domineering ideologies, and on the other, living an extraordinary existence of the own.

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