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INBOX: HIGH CAPACITY - Kasper Andreasen

From 1998 to 2003, the artist Kasper Andreasen collected printed ephemera from London, Copenhagen, Prague, and Amsterdam. When he moved to Berlin in 2016, he rediscovered all that material, kept in moving boxes, and asked himself whether he should do something with it or simply throw it away. By 2017, he’d decided to make collages with it. But the project came to a sudden halt when he ran into technical problems finding the right photocopier for reproducing the images: copiers had, in fact, become too modern. It was not until 2021 that Andreasen was able to track down an old copier in a copy shop and make the reproductions. Despite some continued problems, these collages have now finally been forged into an exhibition and a book. Alongside the 200 original collages on view, Andreasen is showing a projection of an animated printing press based on a video registration made in the printer’s neighborhood of Lima.

The High Capacity exhibition deals directly with a distinct (personalized) collection of printed ephemera; it relates to traces of text and image, the act of collaging, and the general visibility of print from a specific period of time. The works in the exhibition also address an interesting conflict: the presence and profusion of printing versus the obsolescence of printed matter. High Capacity brings the audience face to face with printing as a “pressing matter”.

Kasper Andreasen lives and works in Berlin and Ghent, where he teaches at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KASK). His work primarily engages with acts of drawing, often as related to aspects of mapping, writing, and printing. He also curates exhibitions on artists’ books and related media and is an avid producer of all types of printed matter.

The accompanying publication was designed and edited in close collaboration with Toni Uroda and published by Roma Publications. Many thanks to Liliane Dewachter, Roger Willems, Jan Kempenaers, Sabine Herrygers, Viola Eickmeier, Nina Woodson, and Miho Karolyi for their help in realizing this project. Printed with the support of the Flemish Authorities.

High Capacity, Kasper Andreasen
Roma Publication 454
Designed by Toni Uroda
21 x 29,7 cm, 203 pages, offset
ISBN: 978‐94‐6446‐048‐3
Price: € 30 (available in the museum bookshop)

Artists: Kasper Andreasen

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