01.06.2019–30.06.2019 While dogs bark, fish piss and birds fly, the artist blends into the scenery - Island residence Middelheimmuseum

Ria Pacquée

On the occasion of the exhibition 'They are looking at us, we are looking at them' Ria Pacquée resides on the islet in the museum park pond during the whole month of June. During that time it will be the exclusive domain of the artist. She crosses the water to concentrate and work. She will observe and perform seemingly small and unobtrusive actions or exercises in the park. The residence offers a unique insight into artistry: the spectator witnesses both the incubation and the elaboration. It is almost as if Ria Pacquée is exhibiting the artist: the thinking artist, the creating artist, the pausing artist... It is a way to experience and show her artistry and to investigate her artistic identity. Pacquée creates smaller and larger works on the islet, which grow organically from her stay. She marks each day with a memento which she leaves behind in one of 30 niches in a wall that was built on the islet. At the end of the month, when the wall is completely filled, the artist disappears from view and spectators will be allowed to enter the islet.