Dummies Dummies

With the exhibition Dummies Dummies artist Izra Marie Jans highlights the creation process of artists’ books. The word ‘dummy’ is used to describe the first mockup of a book before publication. Usually several pre-dummies are made to test different choices in terms of design, paper, binding methods etc. Jans takes a few steps back in this artistic process to show the artists’ first sketches before arriving at a final book.

With dummies by: Aurélie Bayad, Carl Haase, Pierre Coric, Eva Donckers, Johanna Adojaan, Sebastian Theuns, Julie Behaegel, Julie Van Kerckhoven, Frederic Pels, Zuzanna Glód, Katrin Kamrau, Zhang Yi and Izra Marie Jans.

Dummies Dummies is the sixth project taking place at RAAT following an open call earlier this year. RAAT is an open city lab in the centre of Antwerp where emerging creative talent can develop and present their work. Initiated by AAIR.

Open from Friday to Sunday between 06.02–21.02.2021, 14:00–18:00. Due to COVID-19, six people are allowed in the space at a time. Please bring your face mask.