Jacopo Pagin

'Crystal Whisper ' Jacopo Pagin Solo Exhibition

A solo exhibition by Jacopo Pagin

The Brussels-based artist Jacopo Pagin has made a name for himself as a painter with exceptional technical skills. Starting out from a series of uncannily figurative but wildly imaginative paintings in the surrealist tradition, Pagin uses his paintings as building blocks for artistic installations that conjure up images of a previously unimagined, solitary universe through a combination of ambient soundscapes and visually shattering imagery. Crystal Whisper will extend on this method. Walking through Pagin’s painterly installations, the visitor is invited to engage with the lushly painted figures.
In a time where the practice of social distancing is still a necessity, Pagin’s Crystal Whispers offers the visitor a unique opportunity to revalue silence and solitude that social distancing has introduced in our ever-hectic social lives. Pagin’s painterly installation imbue that silence with the visual equivalent of a crystal-clear whisper, a voice that beckons us and invites us to linger in the surreal and enigmatic universe of the painter.

Artists: Jacopo Pagin