John Duncan, Erwin Van Looveren

John Duncan x Erwin Van Looveren

There is a Storm, Copy That.

John Duncan

Underground veteran that has operated for decades at the cutting edge of performance, video, experimental music, installation and pirate radio. Duncan relishes exposing latent, subconcious and dark desires that drive every single human being. He has experimented with hyperventilation, mold paintings, locking himself up in pitch dark labyrinths with 7 naked others, did something with Hiroshima and S&M footage and a fire extinguisher.

And the sexagenarian continues to refine his techniques. Recently he ended his two year world tour of MANTRA, which consisted of extremely hard to obtain fragments of Kurt Schwitters URSONATE. His last lp Bitter Earth - almost a pop record in comparison to his heavy, sometimes psychedelic drones and noisy experiments - was a parade of the international avant-garde, and has been universally acclaimed.

Erwin Van Looveren

Erwin Van Looveren, a.k.a. W. Ravenveer, has exhibited in Les Ateliers Claus and the AB and excels in crude guitar noise as well as in modular synth sounds, from funky to claustrophobically dense. Known to feed near-unhearably low frequencies from his music machines to a plotter to create extremely complex and layered drawings.

Curated by Morbus Gravis
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Artists: John Duncan, Erwin Van Looveren