Judit Kristensen

Judit Kristensen 'Vanity'

PLUS-ONE Gallery presents the solo exhibition 'Vanity' by Judit Kristensen at the gallery (South).

Poised between phenomenological rituals and capitalist violence, sleep and dream, hysteria and catalepsy, the actors animated by Judit Kristensen’s vital and creative drive, thoroughly examining the physiological and psychological parameters of this inner, translucent theater, they seem to swim with difficulty finding their way among the rarefied remnants of an authentic reality with an uncertain future.

Judit Kristensen, making use of the vanitas, gives us the most intimate aspects of a very personal and evolutionary Weltanschauung, taking distance from everything about the narrow ego and confined to the here and now. She does this through mise en scènes which are once strongly intimist and autobiographical in nature, aimed at a more essential spontaneity, not only in reference to our being in the world but also to our interrelational ampullae.

Excerpt of the exhibition text by Domenico de Chirico (translated by Vashti Innesali), 2023

Artists: Judit Kristensen

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