Kaori Ishiguro & Anton Lambert: Invisible Threads

Choreographer Kaori Ishiguro (°1991, Japan) and composer Anton Lambert (°1997, Belgium) present ‘Invisible Threads’ — a public programme that explores the visual and performative aspects of the duo’s pieces ‘HACHŌ’ and ‘NONAI’. Ishiguro and Lambert researchthe intimate boundaries between the realms of the audience and the performers, and how they can gradually become aware of their mutual entanglement.

‘NONAI’ is a participatory work which is performed by an audience listening to instructions. The piece addresses concepts of self-awareness and care: by answering and reacting to the instructions, the spectator is invited to let go of certain inhibitions, allowing them to become aware of the others and to be with them in the moment. By looking at the others, they acknowledge themselves.

‘HACHŌ’ is an audio-visual dance trip revolving around frequencies and fluctuations as found in, for example, heartbeat intervals, respiration, brain waves or light cycles. The performance uses the visual and auditory frequencies by which we communicate in movement and in sound, focusing on the physical sensations people often unconsciously experience in everyday life. By triggering different aspects of the senses, the audience can feel (dis)comfort and pleasure and can explore their sensorial limits.

Due to the corona measures, we can only accommodate five visitors at a time. Make sure to sign up for your preferred time slot via Eventbrite.

‘Invisible Threads’ is the ninth project taking place at RAAT following an open call in 2020. RAAT is an open city lab in the centre of Antwerp where emerging creative talent can develop and present their work. Initiated by AAIR.

With the support of the city of Antwerp.

Photo: ©Boris Bruegel