Geert Vanoorlé

L'art dans les chapelles

We are proud to announce that Geert Vanoorlé is part of L’art dans les chapelles, July 8th until September 18th – Pontivy in Bretagne/France.

This large-scale summer event is the result of a collective desire to promote the Breton architectural heritage by bringing it into dialogue with the work of contemporary artists.
This festival invites 14 artists per year to take over the chapels of the Pays de Pontivy and the Blavet valley.

Mali Arun, Dirk Braeckman, Flavie Cournil, Julia Cottin, Nils Guzdzgnin, Géraldine Guilbaud, Vincent Hawkins, Laura Lamiel, Stephen Maas, Romain Métivier, Erik Nussbicker, François Réau, Andrew Seto, Geert Vanoorlé

curator and artistic director: Eric Suchère

Pays de Pontivy, Vallée du Blavet (Morbihan), Bretagne, France

Artists: Geert Vanoorlé

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