Bie Michels

LA COULEUR DE LA BRIQUE :: Bie Michels — artist talk and screening of the film

We are inviting you to join us for the screening of the film ‘La couleur de la brique’ by Bie Michels at OUT OF SIGHT's temporary open air cinema on Friday, 14 May at 9 PM, during Antwerp Art Weekend.

As an introduction the artist Bie Michels and Dušica Dražić, a curator of the exhibition "Symptoms of the Future: BRICKS — BASKETS — POTS" will talk about their collaboration on "Brick Dust" and the performative dialogue that they had during the exhibition, while realising a script and documenting each act with diary notes.

Warm blankets and cold beers will be waiting for you.

"The 485 km long Ikopa river passes through Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar. In the middle of the wide river there is what looks like a miniature town, right in the middle of the metropolis. Here, on a manufacturing site called La Digue, the inhabitants use the river mud to make bricks. Elsewhere in the city and in the countryside there are similar sites. Often the production line from soil to house is a direct one: clay is dug on site, moulded, dried, fired and the bricks are then used to build a house. Thus kneading clay or mud, moulding the bricks and drying them in the sun, firing them in stupa-like constructions (field kilns) and building houses directly with them, is a process that can be encountered both in the middle of town and in the highlands." excerpt from the text

SYMPTOMS OF THE FUTURE is supported by Flemish Authorities and the City of Antwerp.

Artists: Bie Michels