Liesbeth Henderickx

Unraveled Entanglement

The work of Liesbeth Henderickx is always approached and shaped by the sculptural medium. It’s filled with an adoration for the romantic idea of the craftsperson, the person who embraces the raw organic matter and returns it as a culturally usable product.

In her work she displays patterns typical to architectural and craftsmanship approaches imitating organic structures. Liesbeth integrates traditional art forms in her work which show the harmony between the inhabitant and his or her habitat. A combination of sculptures – functioning as autonomous sculptures nonetheless – form an installation in dialogue with one another, symbolizing a resting point.

Often you will find in her work poetic associations in which materials imitate one another or, on the contrary, refuse to be anything else but themselves.

Artists: Liesbeth Henderickx

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