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Lin Zhipeng - The Polaroids Series

About 123 Polaroids an Still lives

The exhibition Polaroids images from Lin Zhipeng ’s (aka 223) extensive collection of Polaroid work. The photographs portray a young generation that happily indulge in love, sex and life. The intimate portraits have a melancholic nature, but also a playful and sexual one. It is the first time the works are shown worldwide . Apart from the Polaroids, 223 will show a short selection of Still lives, 223 is considered as the Chinese TIllmans for his delicate still lives. It is considered 223 was the biggest influenced on Ren Hang.

About Lin Zhipeng (No 223)
Lin Zhipeng (aka No.223) Born in Guangdong, China in 1979, Graduated from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies with major of financial English. Lin Zhipeng is a photographer and freelancer writer based in Beijing. Created in 2003, his blog “North Latitude 23” where he published everyday pictures accompanied by short texts received millions views and made him famous among the web community. Presented for ten years in group exhibitions in China and abroad , Lin’s works have also been the object of several solo shows both nationally and internationally ( Delaware Contemporary Museum ; Walther Collection Ulm ; De Sarthe Gallery Beijing ; Stieglitz19 Gallery Antwerp ; M97 Gallery Shanghai, etc). He has published photography books in Taiwan, France, Canada, Japan and Italy. He was first shown at Stieglitz19 gallery, this is his third show.

Lin is a leading figure of new Chinese photography emerging in the last decade, popularising his work originally via social media and other online platforms as well as his self-published zines. Lin’s work has come to reflect and define a certain zeitgeist of the post-80’s and 90’s generation of non-mainstream Chinese youth.

Artists: Lin Zhipeng aka 223

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