David Boon

Listen To - The Shape - Must Listen

Listen to | the shape | must listen
a solo show by David Boon

The shapes have their individuality and certain characteristics that you cannot ignore. But David forces his forms in certain ideas/boundaries/positions through which emerges new insertions, compositions and new forms. These effects are created precisely by that limitation. The structure is already there, but the output always shows itself as a surprise. It is something new that emerges without you looking looking for it, and that shows itself. It is then up to the artist to decide whether or not to go into that.
These boundaries provide control, but this control also makes it sometimes difficult to 'get in'. The opening is in the vulnerability. And David opens it by removing the top layer of the paper. This creates a tactile, vulnerable and uncontrolled new layer. We are, as it were, under the skin, where the emotions hide. David hopes we can meet in that vulnerability.

Artists: David Boon

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