07.12.2019–05.01.2020 Looking Forward KETELEER GALLERY

Marc Bauer, Stephan Balkenhol, Guillaume Bijl, Leo Copers, Jan Fabre, Günther Förg, Thomas Kratz, Peter Land, George Little, Enrique Marty, Bjarne Melgaard, Fabien Mérelle, Javier Pérez, Koen Theys, Nasan Tur (DE)

KETELEER GALLERY is very honoured to present Looking Forward, a group exhibition which serves as the official introduction of taking over the representation of the Deweer Gallery’s artists. Looking Forward consists of drawings by a selection of 15 artists from the new KETELEER GALLERY portfolio, as well as works by Bjarne Melgaard. The exhibition serves as a preview of the exciting and daring new program.

KETELEER GALLERY opened its doors in 2012 at the Leopoldstraat, Antwerp, Belgium. The following 7 years it organically evolved into a family driven business in which a dynamic and open contact with the local and international artworld became its core focus while honoring Belgium’s rich art history. During those years our expanding artist portfolio and subsequent collectors got us into contact with Deweer Gallery, which quickly turned into a close bond of trust.

In September 2019, KETELEER GALLERY moved to a new space at the Pourbusstraat 3-5, in the South of Antwerp. A well-known building where NICC and many other galleries created a now famous history, becomes a new potent haven for a new collaboration with Deweer Gallery, set to close its doors by the end of 2019. The gallery will be turned into the “Deweer Gallery Estate”, consisting of the entire collection since 1979. From now on KETELEER GALLERY will take on the main representation of all of Deweer’s active artists as well as the new estate. Out of a sincere admiration and respect for Deweer’s family, history and name in both Belgium and abroad, all this will operate as a close partnership with Bart & Gerald Deweer, who will stay active as key liaisons and advisors, honoring the close ties that were built with artists and collectors over the years. Our aim is to strengthen and broaden the existing ties, with an open mind, to open up new possibilities while ensuring the continuation of the important positions of artists that were represented by Deweer Gallery in Belgium.