Loont Passie lezing

Does Passion Pay Off?

Loont Passie and Loont Passie 2 is a two-fold study on the socio-economic position of professional artists in Flanders. Within this research, more than 2,700 artists were interviewed. Maybe you are one of those artists who participated?

As the research results have been published now, NICC would like to invite one of the involved scientists — Jessy Siongers — to present the study with particular attention to the situation of the visual artists.

The possible topics may include:
Socio-demographic profile
Activities, allowances and time allocation
Income and status
Professional expenses
Job satisfaction and work-family combination
Consideration of quitting as an artist
Support, membership and advice channels

The lecture will take place online at 7pm, via Facebook Live: https://www.facebook.com/events/430370462573203/

If you are interested, registration is possible at anyuta@nicc.be with the subject line “Loont Passie”. You can find more information about the research at https://www.kunsten.be/nu-in-de-kunsten/does-passion-pay-off/