16.09.2017–15.10.2017 De man die gronden op Saturnus verkocht LLS Paleis

Ludo Mich

LLS 387 presents the first exhibition of underground filmmaker and performer Ludo Mich (°1945) that focuses on his filmic oeuvre including ‘Deus Ex Machina’ (1970), ‘Saturnus’ (1971), ‘Arthur is Fantastic!’ (1971), ‘My Tailor is Rich’ (1971) and ‘Lysistrata’ (1976). In the context of this exhibition, LLS 387 will present the new documentary ‘Visiting the Ludo Michs’ of AM Dumitran, who followed Ludo with his camera for years.


Opening on Friday 15 September at 19:00, with performance 'The Bells' at 20:30.