Paul Müller

Mapping of a Topography

"I am a traveller arriving in a land equally known and foreign. Before I can navigate a territory of institutions and organisations that are the topographical features of an art world, a map must be made. Drawing all known lines between any two points of this land, a network emerges, unveiling the underlying geology on which it is built. Yet, even the best map can't prevent one getting lost in the wild."

For his show at Fred&Ferry, Paul Müller examines the connections within the contemporary art world between Flanders and Brussels. Building an extensive dataset on exhibitions, residencies and other presentations at contemporary art institutions like museums, public galleries, private galleries or project spaces he creates a network analysis to understand the connections between art institutions and the artists working with them. In the presented work, this wealth of information is reduced to grid of dots, interlinked with coloured lines, creating an abstract image of a highly interlinked network of institutional and artist actors.

Artists: Paul Müller

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