Marianne Berenhaut

MARIANNE BERENHAUT – endroit, anvers

Dividing her time between Brussels and London, Marianne Berenhaut (Brussels, b. 1934) makes poetic sculptures assembled with discarded or left-behind objects, creating associative compositions and muted installations. Until recently, her work has remained relatively underappreciated, but the art world is beginning to take notice of her powerful and extensive oeuvre.

For an object to be included in her practice, it must bear signs of life and use. For over six decades Berenhaut has been carefully selecting and incorporating objects like old furniture, garments, and toys in her sculptures. When experiencing one of her installations, an oppressive silence, sadness, or doom hangs in the air. It’s as if an unknown human fate is being summoned, the objects expressing a forgotten life story. In her unique visual language, she addresses longing, absence, trauma, and memory.

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