marie tomanova

Marie Tomanova - New York New York

Stieglitz19 is happy to present Marie Tomanova for her first solo exhibition in Belgium. This exhibition has been created with works from Tomanova`s second book ‘New York New York’ (Hatje Cantz, 2021).
Shot in New York City, mostly in 2019 and 2020, Tomanova merges the genres of portrait and cityscape to effortlessly bounce off one another, revealing a social ground inextricably linked to place, a portrait of a certain New York City, one that is a picture of her world, a landscape of her life. It is often easy to look back and not see the struggle, not see the hardship, to forget the moments of pain and difficulty that can loom so large in the process of finding oneself in a new place. The antidote, of course, is to focus on the dream, the motivation; to build a world in which to fit or to find a place of belonging. New York New York is that big city of dreams.

Artists: marie tomanova

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