Chris Lipomi


TICK TACK cordially invites you to Meeslepend, a solo exhibition by Chris Lipomi (1975, Miami, US).

Work by Lipomi was shown in the group exhibition The Ulterior Narrative (January 2022), curated by Michael St. John at TICK TACK. During the preparations for this project, parallels between Lipomi’s outside-in approach and TICK TACK’s tactic of merging public and private spheres created a sense of urgency and enthusiasm to broaden the collaboration in the form of a solo project.

Lipomi often works with found, locally sourced objects such as signage and advertising, commonly found elements one comes across in daily life. In the dialogue between the exhibited work and their elements/remains in the urban environment, he aims to extend and prolong the art experience into the public domain and vice versa. TICK TACK’s transparent space is directly aimed towards the public, making it the ideal context for Lipomi’s practice.

Meeslepend narrates a brief history of public sculptures in Antwerp, zooming in on how the dynamic of (re)placement and removal results in a fluid urban landscape that easily escapes public memory.

During a two-week residency at TICK TACK, Lipomi gathered parts of the collective past in an archival exhibition as a contribution to the re-imagination of urban public sculptures. During Meeslepend, TICK TACK will host a small-scale minimal urban scenography, creating an engagement between an interior imagination and an exterior sculptural landscape.

Chris Lipomi lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. He was educated at UCLA, Valand Kunstskolan, Göteborg, Sweden, The San Francisco Art Institute, and the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. Lipomi’s solo exhibition at TICK TACK is centered around performative sculpture in conversation with the imagery that proliferates our landscape.

Opening night:
Friday 22 July
7 - 10 PM
In presence of the artist

Artists: Chris Lipomi

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