25.05.2018–23.06.2018 Metamodern Apparatuses (re)D.
Metamodern Apparatuses

Eric van Hove

After years of traveling, artist Eric van Hove (°1975, Guelma, Algeria) established the Fenduq, his atelier, in Marrakesh. There, together with a team of Moroccan master craftsmen, the artist has initiated a consistent sculptural interrogation of the role of craft within the field of contemporary art. For his first solo exhibition at (re)D., van Hove will showcase several recent works as well as prototypes of his acclaimed Mahjouba, an electric moped made for the local market on a grand scale. Through the Mahjouba the artist hopes to create a decentralized manufacturing model enabling Morocco's nearly three million active craftsmen to reconcile with recent industrial history and find a new role for themselves in contemporary Moroccan society.


Thursday 24 May from 6 p.m.