Michel Seuphor

Michel Seuphor.

The KMSKA has been presented with a splendid donation: fifty-seven lacunary drawings with horizontal lines by the Antwerp artist Michel Seuphor. As a token of our gratitude, we are pleased to display them in the Prints Room. Come and experience Seuphor's poetry of the abstract for yourself.
Michel Seuphor was a poet to the core, even when he was drawing. His abstract lacunary drawings with horizontal lines lead the eyes to the unlimited universe of the mind. In the prints room, the drawings stand out beautifully against the steel blue walls. The spaces between the lines and the blank shapes and words seem to emit light. These drawings are vibrant. Gradually, Seuphor's interplay of lines hypnotises you. Let yourself be transported on a journey to new territories in which the mind can rest and wander, but can also be stirred. That is the power of abstract art.
Fernand Berckelaers - born in Antwerp - moved to Paris in his early twenties. Under the pseudonym Michel Seuphor, he became an important advocate of abstract art. Even today, his publications are still reference works in art literature. He was a close friend of great abstract artists such as Jean Arp and Piet Mondriaan. Seuphor's grandchildren gladly share his works with the world. They donated this beautiful collection of lacunary drawings to the KMSKA, representing an important contribution to the museum's collection of abstract art.

All the works in this presentation are part of the donation of Berckelaers Onverdeeldheid, 2021.

Artists: Michel Seuphor