Mirthe Klück

Moon White Rabbit

We are pleased to invite you to the solo exhibition Moon White Rabbit by Mirthe Klück.  It is Mirthe's first exhibition in the gallery where she will present, in addition to her paintings, sculptural work and a publication. 

In her works, Klück plays with the often fragmentary, flawed perception of everyday scenes, details from mass-produced products and icons from the so-called collective memory. Her visual elements and repetitive patterns seem familiar, yet unfamiliar at the same time. The carefully considered references and combinations of materials evoke free associations that, almost paradoxically, can co-exist. On the one hand, they question perception and attention span; on the other, they offer alternative narratives, multiple possible realities. This experience of an unraveling reality, or truth, is key. (Eline Verstegen)

Artists: Mirthe Klück

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