Baloji, Sandrine Colard, Brandon Wen

MoMu x Baloji Takeover

This year, Baloji is not only taking the MoMu Gallery by storm with his magical realism. The transdisciplinary artist is also curating a series of nocturnes under the moniker MoMu x Baloji Takeover. Much like Baloji's world, the nocturnes are collaborations with other artists. On 12 March, Expanding Academy, in collaboration with MoMu and liaised by Rossana Miele, will host a public talk at the museum.


The conversation will feature the transdisciplinary, all-embracing artist Baloji, along with Sandrine Colard, a writer, curator, and assistant professor of art history at Rutgers University, Newark, as well as Brandon Wen, artist, designer, and creative director of the Fashion Department at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp.

They will explore Baloji's expansive and captivating imaginary at the intersection of visual arts, music, poetry, cinematography, and fashion. Baloji’s body of work, infused with surrealism and magical realism, has been deeply affected by this symbolic play on sorcery, serving as both a weighty burden and a catalyst for an imaginative and empirical approach.

Tickets: €12
Incl. visit of Baloji Augurism.
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Artists: Baloji, Sandrine Colard, Brandon Wen

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