MoMu x Fashion Department

The Fashion Department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp is known for guiding its students to explore the extremes of design and art. Antwerp may be on the periphery of major fashion capitals, but the outstanding reputation of the Fashion Department attracts the majority of its students from abroad. Students learn to conceptualize, visualize and materialize a collection and an artistic identity. Since its foundation by Marie Prijot in 1963, drawing has been an essential part of the study, along with a profound exploration of materials and techniques.

Fashion sits at the very centre of contemporary culture, and consciously or otherwise, students construct images and silhouettes that reflect the world and the emotions running through society. Their work is in close dialogue with their own stories and memories, as well as intimately connected with art, film and fashion history.

This exhibition brings together an assemblage of silhouettes, drawings and books – the three pillars of their study in Antwerp. Through these different media, each student develops their personal design universe. The works on display reflect who they were this year and who they want to become.

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