MoMu x Willy Vanderperre Takeover

For the musical nocturnes, Willy Vanderperre has invited artists of stature, including the men of Amenra and piano virtuoso Wim Mertens. They will be giving concerts in the entrance hall. In the weekends following their performances, their music will be heard in the exhibition galleries.

Amenra emerged in 1999 from the then booming Flemish straight edge hardcore movement. Musically and thematically, however, the band takes a different approach from the bulk of the scene and produces something that can be described as 'post-metal': a style that has its roots in heavy metal, but in terms of approach it does not limit itself to the conventions of the genre and allows for much more experimentation. The band has toured Europe, the United States and Russia several times over the past 15 years and is among the absolute top European bands in its niche, but now also reaches a much wider audience than just die-hard metal fans.

Tickets: €20
Incl. visit of the exhibitions
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Artists: Amenra

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