Mous Lamrabat

Mous Lamrabat - We Gonna Be Alright

Beauty and a sense of hope are central to Mous Lamrabat’s work. His photographs are absurd and surrealistic, at times subtly provocative, always colourful and fun.

Lamrabat makes playful reference to icons from the fashion world and mixes symbols of popular culture and North African culture. He teams traditional apparel with striking props to create his unique visual universe.

In 2020, FOMU awarded COVID-19 work grants to Mous Lamrabat, Aurélie Geurts, Joud Toamah, Hélène Amouzou and Alexey Shlyk & Ben Van den Berghe. They are creating new work inspired by the precarious times we are living through. The images are incorporated in FOMU’s collection.

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