Nam June Paik

Nam June Paik - Selected Works

CINEMA TICK TACK is proud to present a unique collaboration with the Nam June Paik Art Center, Liedts-Meesen Foundation and Steina & Woody Vasulka.

The program, divided in three chapters, will screen selected works by Nam June Paik, Steina & Woody Vasulka and nominees of the New Technological Art Awards. (organized by the Liedts-Meesen Foundation). This collaboration brings together historical and contemporary video art, offering a unique glimpse of past and present use of technology in art.

Nam June Paik: Selected Works comprises Paik’s single channel videos from Nam June Paik Art Center Video Archives. 'Global Groove' and 'Suite 212', produced under both WGBH and WNET’s auspices in the 1970’s, visualize Paik’s idea which envisions video as social as well as creative media for human ecology.

'Global Groove', mentioned as “Musical Ecology” by Paik himself, is progressive sum-totaling of global music resources, showing music and dance with synthesized images. It suggests expansion and understanding of different cultures in the world through nonverbal communication.

'Suite 212', a set of electronic collages of New York City, displays various colors, sounds, shapes of images captured from metropolitan areas. Series of videos from Suite 212 deliver social, artistic, political, and aesthetic messages in Paik’s unique playful ways. Nam June Paik’s visual message shall be resonated in this unprecedented pandemic situation, comforting exhausted souls in the world.

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