Taisia Korotkova

New Habitat

The winner of Kandinsky Prize ( Moscow) Taisia Korotkova will present her new works in the exhibition called “New Habitat”. The exhibition will feature works from two series - large scale canvasses from the Dark Forest project which were shown in Tretyakov Gallery in 2021, mixed with the portraits from the Human Androids series. Considering the current complex political, social and economical situation the artist wants to warn us about the possible disaster scenario and shows us the post-apocalyptic world. The large scale landscapes devoid of human presence, secret military installations are entwined with trees, grasses and shrubs that could grow next to each other only as a result of an ecological catastrophe mixed with the portrait of the Human Androids Korotkova invites the viewer to follow the path of a wandering stalker, contemplating the collapse of mankind among the ruins and ghosts of the future.

Artists: Taisia Korotkova