Sean Sullivan

New Mnemonics

FIFTY ONE TOO is excited to announce its first exhibition of American artist Sean Sullivan (born in 1975 in New York City, lives and works in the Hudson Valley, New York). Situated somewhere between painting, drawing, printmaking and writing, Sullivan’s work is difficult to classify and contains a kind of enigmatic mystery that continues to fascinate.
In this first exhibition at the gallery, Sullivan presents the viewer with a diverse selection of works that provide insight into his various subjects and techniques. The majority of the works on view were made using a transfer technique for which Sullivan creates his own kind of carbon paper by applying oil sticks to a sheet of paper by means of a silkscreen squeegee. The resulting homemade oil transfer paper is then placed face down on a sheet of found paper - usually pages torn from old books - after which Sullivan makes a ballpoint drawing on the verso of the found sheet. Through the transfer paper, the drawing is then ‘printed’ on the recto of the book page.

Artists: Sean Sullivan

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