Morane & band, Jueles, DJames

NITE SH FT: MoMu x Arenberg Takeover

With NITE SH FT, MoMu and Arenberg redistribute mental and physical museum spaces. MoMu's latest exhibition 'MIRROR MIRROR' reveals the connection between fashion, psychology, self-image and identity. NITE SH FT takes the exhibit to the stage.

Musicians, performers, voguers and dancers set up their stages at MoMu, taking over the entire museum with performances during four nocturnes. Just as 'MIRROR MIRROR' connects to the life of creators and young people, NITE SH FT highlights underexposed themes and the voices of today.

NITE SH FT is about discovery and recognition. Of what you did not yet know or haven’t seen yet. Of who you are or who you want to be.

Artists: Morane & band, Jueles, DJames

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