Xavier Noiret- Thomé

No More No Less

Xavier Noiret-Thomé (1971) took part in 2008 in the group exhibitions Honorons Honoré and Wall Paintings in Mechelen. Over ten years later, the artist is presenting his recent work at De Garage in the exhibition No More No Less.

Xavier Noiret-Thomé’s work can best be described as an extensive investigation of painting in all its depth and breadth. With seeming ease, the artist brings together half a century of painterly developments in a single canvas, appropriating and commemorating them in his own way.

The complexity of the image is mostly embodied in the way Xavier Noiret-Thomé allows the work to come into being. He displays an immense fascination for all kinds of pictorial techniques and materials, combining oil, acrylic, gloss and spray paint, chrome, ink and more besides in his canvases, without the slightest restriction or restraint. He regularly adds objects too, such as coins, mirrors, nuts and bolts or creates an autonomous object. All the elements that define Xavier Noiret-Thomé’s art are found in these sculptures as well.

The No More No Less exhibition echoes his Panorama show, which runs from 3 September to 17 January at CENTRALE for contemporary art in Brussels. Anyone visiting both exhibitions in Brussels and Mechelen can enjoy a discount.

Artists: Xavier Noiret- Thomé