20.02.2021–27.03.2021 No Panic Baby TICK TACK

Leo Gabin

CINEMA TICK TACK presents 'No Panic Baby'. A film by Leo Gabin that screens simultaneously with soloshow 'Sit With it' at TICK TACK.

'NO PANIC BABY' (2017) is a hybrid of found and self-shot footage by the artists, touching on the boundaries of the virtual and physical realms. The whole is an evocative love story steeped in anxiety and extreme paranoia, capturing the inner sense of irreality, as emblematic of an era as it takes its last gasp.

This film will be exclusively made available on our livestream for the duration of the exhibition.

In addition to galeries and institutions films by LG have been screened at prominent film festivals, including CPH:DOX Copenhagen (selected New:Vision award), International Film Festival Rotterdam (Critics’ Choice), New Horizons Film Festival, Wroclaw (nominee Grand Prix), CineMarfa and Torino Film Festival.


Opening Day
Saturday 20 February
13:00 - 19:00