Dries Segers

No Road to Hotel Bellevue

'No road to Hotel Bellevue' is centred on the concept of 'Border Trees' and other forms of conceived nature. Border trees are trees that are planted at strategic locations in the landscape. They make visible transitions of national, community or personal borders. Multiple administrations watch over the conservation of these trees. Governments are obliged by law to maintain, replant and protect these 370,000,000 year old organisms. In a changing geopolitical environment, however, these trees have gone from cultural-historical bearers to non-information in the landscape.
For 'No road to Hotel Bellevue’, Dries Segers is taking a first step in designing alternative cartographies. He merges symbols, signs and words, and has them engraved with a laser-cut technique in the frames of the artworks. He experiments with inks that only become visible when there is sufficient UV light. In addition, the artist is working on a large-scale photo installation that will be placed around the works, like roots of a tree.
‘Hand sculptures' are small wooden works with an invisible print that appears when the visitor or the gallery owner brings the works in the right light. The works can be taken off the wall and moved as portable sculptures. On some days these works will not be visible, as shown here for example.
‘No road to Hotel Bellevue' is a speculative installation of a natural world that only makes itself tangible to the one who meets up with it. A place where all organisms want to be interwoven with each other until they are impossible to unravel. Such place arises in the space in between, the resting space, the time-space. She will only show herself to the one who allows in this composted world, listens to her.

Artists: Dries Segers

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