Antwan Horfee

Self X Slalom

Through drawings, murals, paintings, and object making Antwan Horfee explores various creative methods of spontaneity and experimentation that have made him internationally recognized and resprected for his eccentric and playful graffiti work in the streets of Europe and abroad.
As Horfee continued to evolve artistically, so has his desire to engage in more concept-driven work within the gallery setting. Drawing influence from historical Avant-Garde art movements including the Cobra movement, the Gutai group, and Tachisme, Horfee's paintings evoke a sense of physicality and action that compliment and relate to his work outside the gallery. His semi-abstract paintings are imbued with vibrant color, improvisational brush/spray techniques, and often depict distorted representational references inspired by his fascination with underground comics and zine cultures.
The discipline Horfee gained through actions outdoors must, in his eyes, continue to remain as major source of inspiration indoors. Above all, the most important thing beyond outlines, fill-ins, and travels is to convey the feeling initially gained while creating something. In the end it's not about abandoning outside endeavors for inside but rather presenting both in a seamless existence that be observed for what it is; expression.

Artists: Antwan Horfee