Frederic Geurts, John Van Oers


Frederic Geurts and John Van Oers have a visual language that converges, not only in the execution of line, but also in the embrace of coincidence and doubt, the minimal and the humorous. They like to put things into perspective and enjoy stripping the appearance of a work of art from its elevated aura. They question the premise of copyright, the protection of the ego or the idea of recognition. They play with their own style, their own signature and confuse themselves as well as the spectator. Their interactions have something of a serious game. Vulnerable as good friends. Respectful, sharp and in full confidence.

Small towers are fragile stacks on floating pedestals, sculptural collages that reach out, sometimes upwards, sometimes a little to the right. They are the result of an exchange, where Frederic might rather defy gravity and John mainly challenges the idea of balance. Where the one uses a twisting technique and the other tightens his threats. Starting from their own accents, they repeatedly discover the added value of working in a duo, of moving slightly disturbed in their own world, where an inch or a foot can be a mile. Somewhere, they secretly hope for small mistakes, for oblique miscalculations or forgotten reflections so they can search for solutions together and reflect on art and life. While dancing and building. (Els Wuyts)

Artists: Frederic Geurts, John Van Oers