Open House at Kanaal: Discover the Chair, 1600 - 2000

Axel Vervoordt is pleased to invite you to the Kanaal site for our Open House. During these days, visitors are welcome to discover the current exhibitions in the Gallery spaces, as well as the permanent art installations. In Kanaal’s Corner Building, we’re pleased to share a selection of unique furniture and design in the temporary exhibition Discover the Chair, 1600 - 2000.

The Vitruvian Triad, in which architecture and design must exhibit three qualities - utilitas (‘utility’), firmitas (‘firmness’ or ‘stability’) and venustas (‘beauty’) – can be projected upon practically every presented chair. Throughout Kanaal, we invite you to discover the paradoxical relation between form and function that has been an essential part of the evolution of ‘the chair’ for centuries.

The chairs on view possess diverse historic and geographical backgrounds, but all dwell in the realm of sculpting, whether through their practical approach, their debate evoking aims or aesthetical qualities.

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