Opening summer exhibitions - Free entrance - DJ set by Hantrax

It's time to celebrate the opening of a new set of exhibitions, with free entry to the entire museum starting from 18:00. At 20:00 we'll make the opening official with a speech, and at 21:00 Hantrax will start his DJ set at the M HKAFE.

These exhibitions will be opening:

Lenin Was a Mushroom – Moving Images in the 1990s
With wider accessibility of both video hardware and editing software, the 1990s were a key period for the development and proliferation of film and video art. Titled after Sergey Kuryokhin and Sergey Sholokhov’s absurd 1991 mockumentary from the last days of the Soviet Union, this group exhibition will examine the 1990s

IN SITU: Tarik Kiswanson – Anamnesis
Tarik Kiswanson is a visual artist and a poet. His various bodies of work engage with subjects related to rootlessness, memory, learning, heritage and ultimately identity development.

Chris Reinecke: Firemouse
During a museum visit in the early 1970s, Chris Reinecke was suspected of wanting to set the building on fire. As was her habit, she was carrying some cod liver oil, a vitamin supplement, which was mistaken for petrol! After terrorist group RAF (Red Army Faction) made its appearance, a profound distrust of socially engaged art emerged. Reinecke, perhaps more than anyone from that period, embodies the ethical dilemma of an individual torn between art and activism.

This summer, M HKA will devote a focused archive presentation to the work of little-known British avant-garde artist Marlow Moss (1889–1958). Moss was not only radical in her art practice – that inspired her more famous colleague Mondriaan. With her fluid identity and idiosyncratic way of life, she also has a voice in the current gender debate.

Imagine Ukraine
Imagine Ukraine is an ambitious project that aims to reach out beyond the immediate urgencies, however pressing those continue to be. It wants to open up to the larger reflection and longer term perspective that are needed for the future.

INBOX: Bram Van Meervelde - Eb
"When it’s low tide the ships must wait on the river Scheldt. Only when it’s high tide can they enter the port of Antwerp. I, too, keep a close eye on the exact time of the river’s low and high tide because upriver treasures are revealed by the retreating water. To not forget, I scribble the precise moment the river will be at its lowest on my hand. One month long I beachcomb the banks of the Scheldt every day; plastic boots on my feet and a little shovel at hand. Every day I spread out all my findings on a kitchen towel: prehistoric shark teeth, medieval meerschaum pipes, contemporary plastic object…

Here, at the M HKA INBOX, you can come and have a look at 31 kitchen towels."

Author: Jasper De Rycker

SUPERHOST 2022 - Where Should We Begin? By Falke Pisano
Superhost is a programme that invests in a year-long relationship between an artist or a collective practice, the museum and its participating communities, and supports the production of artworks, performative or discursive creations. The second edition of the series, is a project by Falke Pisano titled Where Should We Begin? It consists of a site-specific installation, displays of artworks by invited artists, performative works, lectures, screenings, interviews and workshops conducted by the host and its guests throughout the year.

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