16.05.2019–15.06.2019 Over my (dead) body Galerie Geukens & De Vil
Over my (dead) body

Oxana Shachko, Sofie Muller, Katya Ev

In 'Over my (dead) body', the work of radical feminist FEMEN figure head OXANA SHACHKO (°1987, Ukraine) will be shown for the first time to the public at large, since her passing in 2018.

Alongside her many protest actions, Shachko painted iconoclastic icons according to the traditional rules of icon painting. By adding transgressive elements, she confronts religious dogmas with feminist and political messages.

The exhibition, curated by Azad Asifovitch, is a dialogue between the work of SHACHKO, SOFIE MULLER (BE) and KATYA EV (FR-RU). In addition to the common theme of the human body, there is a mutual use of natural materials: alabaster and blood (Muller) - wood and milk (Ev) - tempera, egg yolk and gold (Shachko).


Thursday 16 May (Antwerp Art Weekend)

ARTIST TALK: Saturday 18/05 at 3 pm
with curator Azad Asifovitch and artists Sofie Muller & Katya Ev