Lauren Satlowski

Please Allow the Pipes to Function

Office Baroque is pleased to announce, Please Allow the Pipes to Function, the first exhibition at the gallery by Los Angeles-based artist, Lauren Satlowski, on view from 2 December 2023 thru 27 January 2024. A preview will be held on Saturday 2 December from 6 till 8pm.

Lauren Satlowski’s practice brushes against the limits of painterly representation by crafting a thinly layered veil that distorts the everyday. Her compositions elaborate on careful arrangements of commonplace objects, such as flowers, glass tchotchkes and beans. Through these, she opens up an arena where memory, myth and the banal come into play, vibrating against saturated colorfields and gradients that trace the contours of perception. Sunlight flows over and through these tactile objects, transfiguring familiar materials into something brightly ineffable. The resulting forms are both ephemeral and concrete, tiny monuments existing in sealed-off spaces, where personal significance and cultural resonance intertwine according to their own oblique logic.

Artists: Lauren Satlowski