Nienke Baeckelandt, Filip Collin, Thibeau Scarceriaux

pop my cherry

In our next exhibition, we bring together works with a focus on colour, transparency and reflection, works that shine and glow.

In the gallery's third room, Nienke Baeckelandt has installed her site-specific work Blindspot, a series of raindrop-shaped spheres set against the backdrop of the gallery's winter garden. She has also created a fascinating screen and a series of three modular statues for the window display.

Filip Collin is no stranger to the gallery. In Pop My Cherry he proves once again that he's a master at creating neon works that you can't take your eyes off. The orange glow of one of them lit up our Christmas display. Other works, combining neon with Perspex and glass in bespoke wooden frames, are scattered around the other rooms.

Moo Jespers infuses her art with a fresh attitude, constantly exploring new horizons to avoid stagnation. The energy and motifs in her work emanate something emotional without being able to put your finger on it. As she moves into abstract work, she discovers the essence of painting and the art of knowing when to stop.

We are very proud to be exhibiting the work of Thibeau Scarceriaux for the first time. His work is renowned for its use of unusual materials and its sculptural and monumental qualities. He has a talent for taking everyday objects and transforming them into something extraordinary, often with a focus on form and function.

We combine the contemporary pieces of our three guests with a series of paintings and screen prints from the pop art era.

Artists: Nienke Baeckelandt, Filip Collin, Thibeau Scarceriaux

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