Laurence Petrone


4D – The starting point was to make tangible a falling drop of water.
On a title and on an exhibition text.
A: 'What do you think of the title: paix. tranquillité. oubli.?'
B: 'It doesn't always have to be weighty. My suggestion: espérance. liberté. congés payés.'
A&B: (laughter)
B: 'On top of that everyone will forget your trinity and replace it with other things like: 'radio. pantoufles. Richard Gere.' I also find using French pretentious.'
A: 'I give it the title 4d and dedicate it to you, my fourth dimension.'

In 4d, Laurence Petrone shows works made from what the earth brings forth. Red-fired clay, wood worked with wax and turmeric, suspended structures of bronze, copper, brass, laid-down ceramics, sturdy casting clay and objects immersed in it. In their interplay, they double, split, mirror, enlarg and shrink themselves. In their movement brought to standstill, they make room for the onlooker. The narrow definition of sculpture is to add or remove volume. Every breath is like sculpting.

Artists: Laurence Petrone

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